How You Must Decide To Use a Recruiter

Using a recruiting agency in Washington DC helps businesses place high-ranking executives during times of transition, but every recruiting firm must be chosen for its ability to enact several plans at once. Nels Olson is but one example of a fine recruiting agency in Washington, and this article explains what recruiters do for their corporate clients. There are several items… Read more →

Questions About a Career in Law

A partner with Debevoise & Plimpton, Sean Hecker was interviewed by Law360. He represents people and businesses in investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), particularly in cases related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) as applied to the financial and pharmaceutical industries. The first question asked him about the most challenging case of his career. He was… Read more →

Tax credit program aims to boost economy

Maine has introduced a New Markets Tax Credit program, which has done a lot to help out the overall economy in the state. Over the last several years, the federal government has been working to get investors to put money into low income communities, based solely on the fact that not too many people have been interested in these areas.… Read more →

Where to turn to hire top talent

Executive recruiters have the tough task of going out and finding replacement hires for various high level positions from within companies, which is something that is easier said than done. You might think that replacing an individual at work is a simple matter, but when you get far enough up the chain, where there are a huge amount of skills… Read more →

An Overview of the Maine New Market

The Maine’s New Market Tax Credit ( is a capital investment program, which attracts low-income persons to make equity investment in Community Development Entities. In doing so, the program investors receive state credit tax on their investments. The investment program is similar to the Federal New Market Tax Credit. How the Program Receives Funding Maine Revenue Services funds it in… Read more →